"You will never influence the world by being just like it"

Female Founders

Who is it for?

FFL is for all female founders of ventures started and designed with an intention to scale. The ventures need to be 'product' companies, this can be physical product or virtual/tech products. If you offer a service, your service must be productized.  

We are here to support you, the founder, on the lonely start-up journey. 

We do this by creating Female Founder Tribes through which you find support, advice and sisterhood on your personal and venture journey. 

Power of communities

Our goal is to bring the ecosystem to you. Not only will you find support in your tribe, we will bring role models, experts, advisors, mentors, sponsors and investors to the ecosystem and allow you for the best experience. 

We do this because we believe that only by providing you with an advantage can we accelerate beyond the disadvantage that female founders currently face. 

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What do you get out of FFL Membership?

Female Founder Tribes

Female Founder Lounge is a curated community for female entrepreneurs, in which female leaders can find support for their startup journey. 

After a matching procedure you get placed in a cohort of 10 female founders in a similar phase of the start-up journey. Together with your cohort you form your own tight-knit female founder tribe who share advice (e.g. best lawyer to use), content (e.g. Financial Plannings, PR lists, etc.), support (e.g. recruits or journalist contacts) and fun (e.g. social drinks just to vent). 

Access to Mentors & Sponsors

Female Founder Lounge is connected to some of Europe's best networks and offers it's member access to experts, advisors, sponsors, mentors, corporates and investors. 

FFL is committed to creating opportunities for exposure to its members as well as coaching and support in the start-up journey. 

Female Office Hours

Female Founders Lounge works together with forward looking European VCs and offers female office hours to female founders. During these sessions women founders can ask advice to professional investors in a safe environment and can get coaching for their business plans, strategy and pitch plans. 

Personal Advancement

Female Founders Lounge taps into existing content networks such as New Female Leaders, TedXAmsterdamWomen and LeanIn Foundation NL to offer professional development opportunities and advancement support for female entrepreneurs. 

In addition FFL collaborates with the training platform Lepaya to offer personalised soft-skills journeys for female founders. 

Talent Recruitment

A good venture is built on the shoulders of a great team. This is why FFL is committed to help you build your teams and find new talent. From Co-Founder Matching Nights to preferred partnerships with top search firms we are looking for ways to help you expand. 

'New Girls Club'

Female Founders Lounge believes in networking and sisterhood. We organize events where tribes can mingle, so that women can learn from other women in different phases of the journey and different industries. Strong women lift each other up.